It’s understandable to be asking that question, but it also means you are probably not on the current technology train what so ever.  Do you think that TV, billboard and radio ads are still the best way to advertise?  You are essentially wrong and we are about to prove to you why.  Yes there will always be value in plain old mass exposure and repetition.  The psychology is there and it does work, there is no doubt about that.  We won’t sit here and argue that or try to tell you that it doesn’t work anymore.  For most of the general population it does, that’s fine.  We will tell you though how it is very outdated and how there are much better ways of spending your hard earned business dollars.  That’s how I have always personally thought and I think any good business should think anyway.  Isn’t there a better way to do this?  80% of the time, there usually is.  I have never spent a dime on a TV, radio or billboard ads for any business and here is why.  Even though it is the best way to get in front of the most people as possible, that doesn’t mean those are the right people.  It also doesn’t mean anyone will even take action on it, or that you have any good way to track the results.  It’s like throwing darts at a wall and hoping one spot is a customer.  Doesn’t really sound that great does it?  Sure there are still affordable strategic ways to do local offline advertising, maybe a wall in a bathroom stall is where all of your customers are.  Maybe they are in a local women’s magazine.  Your advertising strategy should be many things put together, but obviously not stretched to thin.  We here at Quicksilver Technologies love advertising on Facebook.  How can you not?  It’s affordable, everyone has it, you can laser target and best of all, you get a ridiculous amount of stats and you can actually easily measure your results.  Wouldn’t you want to literally see every single person that takes action on the ad you are running, even age groups and location?  We think it is about the greatest advertising platform available today.  We are also going to show you some example results of an ad we have ran recently.  If you haven’t accepted we are officially in a mobile dominated age, you should really work on that or you will get left in the dust.  Not only is everyone on Facebook, but they are on it on their phones and other mobile devices, by a VERY wide margin.  It’s like a small billboard that you can start and stop and change whenever you want, in the palm of your potential customer.  Not sitting up on 45th street and 13th avenue in Fargo praying that someone takes action or even looks up at it, with no way to measure results.  If you have spent thousands of dollars on billboard, TV or radio ads, we just kind of feel sorry for you and think that money would have been much better spent down other avenues.  If you have an unlimited advertising budget, who are we to tell you what to spend it on.  Isn’t wasted money still wasted money even if you have a lot of it?  Most advertising firms will be ran by 30 year old’s that love mobile one day very soon.  We look forward to that day.


Facebook Advertising Fargo ND
Facebook Advertising Fargo ND 2
Facebook Advertising Fargo ND 3


As you can see over 70% of the response was mobile news feed.  To even our surprise, we thought there would still be plenty of people browsing Facebook on a desktop computer.  That only came in second with 26% of the share.  There are literally 5 different ways that Facebook can serve up your ad to their online users.  That ad ran for 11 days and generated 757 clicks and reached 10,854 people.  The cost of that was $54.96.  The cost per 1,000 people reached during this ad was $5.06.  You can break everything down and really get to know your audience, which of course helps you serve them better.  The most clicks on our ad came from women that were age 55 to 64.  Facebook lets you target age, gender, likes, dislikes and location when you setup an ad.  This ad was for all of Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead.  The overall potential of Facebook users in the Fargo area?  This ad was 110,000, and you can get numbers higher than that.  Hopefully you already know that if you don’t even have a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you are also well in the dark and losing out on this already huge market of online goers.  These ads can generate likes for those pages, traffic and overall exposure and engagement with your business.  Let’s be honest, no matter how you advertise a good first impression and a referral from a happy customer is still priceless and can’t be beat.  That potential engagement itself is priceless for building a business.  So at the end of the day whether you are big or small, Facebook and online in general is really the way to reach your customers and is already here.  It’s not a fad and isn’t really going anywhere.  It is the future and has already made it’s mark.  If you want help getting results like the ad featured above that we ran, please contact us today and let us help you get the online results you deserve.