You will hear a lot of mixed reactions about Uber coming to Fargo, but maybe we can help clear a couple things up.  This app is awesome, plain and simple.  There is a complete need for it, so thankfully it’s finally here.  Thousands of people were trying to use it before it launched.  Legislation helped get it up and running which there is controversy over.  The local cab companies are in an uproar about it, as they should be.  Something way better than them is taking their business away.  I am pretty confident most of Fargo would agree that the local cab companies are not cutting it anymore.  We are a hugely growing market and something like Uber should be welcomed.  Cab companies talk about regulations and insurance flaws with Uber, but I don’t see any.  Maybe it’s because I am not directly getting profits taken away from me.  We looked at the Uber driver sign up and acutally it’s quite strict.  Criminal background checks, driving record checks, sexual offender checks, drinking offense checks and you have to have an 05 or newer vehicle and current insurance.  We don’t see what the problem is.  Some think that it’s a random Fargo resident in their car and that is sketchy.  I think most of us have gotten in a cab and found the driver to be questionable, the vehicle old and sometimes banged up.  How is that better?  Back to the app, it is truly great and makes you feel like your living in 2015.  Quick and easy and more affordable than the local cab companies.  It even shows you on the map where the driver is and their ETA, neither of which a local cab comapny can do.  We like technology here at Quicksilver.  It makes life easier, but the local cab companies do nothing in our view to make things easier.  It shows you the drivers name and what type of car they are in.  You can reach out to them as well via phone or message right away which is also great if things change on the fly and we all know that can happen.  You put in your card up front on the app and that’s what it charges or course.  The first ride we tried actually ended up being free, since they have first ride and friend referral promotions.  If you want to be a driver, and refer other drivers, you can earn up to $500.  The best part of the app, it’s all done and managed right on your phone and you don’t have to talk to some half angry cab employee that’s doing dispatch that night.  With a lot of Uber drivers in Fargo one day and even now early with the app since it just launched last Thursday, the rides will get to you faster as well with drivers all over Fargo waiting for a fare in their free time.  This app not only created jobs here in Fargo, but a lot of honest part time work as well.  Who isn’t looking to make some extra money at your own convenience these days.  Everything is quick and easy with Uber, the ride is paid when you get in the car.  I guess one downside is you can’t use cash in the car like a cab, but is that really a downside?  Not really and it makes thing better for the company servicing the rides knowing there won’t be any in car issues with payments.  At the end of the day, we think the rapidly growing Fargo can use all the cab style help it can get.  The cab companies have horrendously slow times on Friday and Saturday night when we are all out having fun.  We like to have a few drinks here in Fargo and the way we see it, the more opportunities to get people home safe, the better.


Try out Uber today and get your first ride free on us!