We here at Quicksilver Technologies have made the change and we are wondering why hasn’t your business?  It’s the classic out with the old and dull, in with the new and shiny.  Like many of you, we as well used QuickBooks for our invoices and accounting software.  Also much like you we had issues.  Many of you can relate to worrying about having that backup, making sure your QB file works and isn’t corrupted.  We personally didn’t mind QuickBooks, but at the same time wouldn’t recommend it to others.  The goal of this article isn’t to drive you away from any specific software, but just to shed some light on a better solution in an ever changing online era.  We will cut right to the point actually.  We didn’t want to worry anymore about having a good file in tact, having a backup, and not knowing if one day we would sit down and not be able to access our company file for no good reason.  Desktop software does have all of those potential issues, day after day.  More work, more worry.  We then found a solution that honestly blew our minds to this day.  Why didn’t we look into a better solution sooner.  How much of a night and day difference can this other software be?  Exactly that, completely.  FreshBooks is an online accounting solution that we fell in love with right away.  It’s all online in their cloud, which translates into never having to worry about a local backup, local software issues, and easy access and setup for multiple users form anywhere that you have internet access.  Let’s be honest, getting a multiple user setup going with a host server on other desktop accounting software is a pain and not simple at all.  How much better can this get?  It does everything QuickBooks can do in an online environment, and you never have to worry about a company file going corrupt ever again!  There honestly ins’t a con to all of the pros versus the other desktop software, but there is a monthly fee instead of a one time purchase like with most software.  Do yourself a favor, and leave the worries at the door and run your business right!  Try it FREE for 30 days!


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