Still paying for mediocre at best pc cleaners and registry cleaners that probably slow down your computer?  CCleaner is hands down the best overall cleaning tool on the market!  So whats the catch?  If this is better than the one I bought for $30, how can it be free?  Most of those software cleaning tools are pure fluff.  It is made to make money, no more, no less.  Sure there are some other decent programs out there that do the job, but let’s just say I we wouldn’t bother with anything else.  Every time I have seen a great program that does it’s job better than the rest, the passionate people that make it are so proud of it and in today’s free-mium base markets, they practically give it away and possibly have other up-selling points.  Prioritizing giving away a great product and trying to make money second.  CCleaner is completely free and does it’s job amazingly.  To go beyond cleaning and talk about malicious things, we have a great program for you as well.  Malwarebytes is also free and it is one of the main virus/malware cleaners that we used here at Quicksilver to clean PC’s for years and still do to this day.  Both of these great programs offer a low price one time purchase as well if you love the product, which we are confident you will.  Check them both  out below!


PC Cleaning Software Fargo ND

PC Virus Clean Up Fargo ND